Hollandaise sauce

hollandaise sauce


hollandaise sauce content, egg yolk, lemon juice, salt and clarified butter.

this is a basic recipe for hollandaise and that it's why it's call hollandaise

That's what it is


If you change the ingredients it is not hollandaise any more it will be called something else 

Classic from hollandaise the mother sauce


If you add a reduction of red wine vinegar, shallot, pepper corn black, tarragon then the sauce will be called, Béarnaise 

Then with out the tarragon, but adding tomatoes puree that it's call sauce choron

adding veal demi instead of tomato puree it's call sauce foyot

Adding white wine to sauce foyot it's call sauce Colbert 

By substituting mint instead of tarragon to sauce béarnaise it's call sauce Paloise

By adding white wine and fish stock to hollandaise it's call sauce au vin blanc

Adding cream, horseradish and thyme to hollandaise it's call sauce bavaroise

The addition of crème fraiche to a hollandaise it's called sauce crème fleurette

If you add Dijon mustard to hollandaise, it's call sauce Dijon know as sauce moutard or sauce girondine

Adding orange zest and blood orange juice to a hollandaise it's call sauce maltaise

By folding whipped cream into a hollandaise it will be call sauce mousseline

If reduce sherry is first fold into whipped cream the result it's sauce divine

If whipping egg white to fold in hollandaise instead of whipped cream it become sauce madame Benoit

Instead of using clarified butter in hollandaise but brown butter it's use then it become sauce noisette